Top Ten Tips for producing a professional CV

1. Make sure that you've covered all periods of your life within the CV... if you leave 6 months unaccounted for (because you don't think it's worth mentioning that 12 week stint in the doughnut shop in between 2 long periods of nursing granny back to health) then it could be assumed that you were in prison and don't want to mention it!
2. List out any basic qualifications i.e. "5 CSEs including Maths, English and Biology".
3. Aim your CV towards the sort of job you're trying to get.
4. Try to look at your CV from a prospective employer's point of view... don't leave out anything they might be looking for, e.g. evidence of ability to handle money or deal with irate customers.
5. If you've done something outstanding - put it in... AA Word Processing once had a client who wasn't sure it was worth mentioning that he'd saved his previous company £70,000 in his first month in the job!!
6. Include your interests (not too much detail though) and extra skills (including full clean driving licence, foreign language skills, computer knowledge, etc.).
7. Make sure there's plenty of white space around important areas, including where you place personal information such as your name and address.
8. Don't use more than 1 font. You can add bold, italic and underline to enhance the layout, but try not to make the CV too "busy".
9. Spell-check and get someone else to proofread it (and your covering letter).
10. Don't print your CV on coloured paper or bind it in any way. It makes it much less impressive when it's photocopied by an agency or prospective employer (as it surely will be).

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